Monday, January 15, 2007

The Weekend in Pictures

Killing Myself with Coffee and Yosi

Soaking in the New Job

Tinkering and Camwhoring Harvy’s New Laptop

Eating Arroz Ala Cubana at Pinoy Toppings

Working Out and Sightseeing


R*Y A N said...

ah, miss pinoy toppings.

gusto ko nang bumalik sa pinas para lang sa fast-food!

btw, nice banner.

(did u ask if it was ok... or didn't even bother? i was never ever given the permission to put his photo on mine.)

juOn said...

R*yan I love Pinoy Toppings. It reminds me of the good old days when I just started working and earning so little. My friends and I would treat ourselves to PT everytime we go out on paydays because they serve a heaping cup of rice for a really cheap price. I miss those days when life and the pleasures are simple.

You better get your ass over here then and I'll treat you to all the Pinoy Toppings that you can eat. hahahaha

You like the banner? hahahahaha Thanks. I didn't bother asking for permission because the picture is not copyrighted anyway. ;-) And besides, this isn't the first time I'm putting his picture here. The banner is a tribute and an acknowledgement of what happened between the two of us. He calls it the mating game. There.

(R*yan you just put me on the spot there. But thanks for bringing it up. Now it's out of the way.)

MrDJ said...

he didn't asked.
i don't care anymore.
i'm beyond caring

tutal, he said that the relationship should be nullified from he start.

and by the way, i never did called it "The Mating Game." It's just a song I heard from Grey's Anatomy.

I'll shut up now.