Monday, August 14, 2006

Jeep Hunk 01

What better way to start the week but with a dose of real-life hunks of the streets. I've always wanted to do a series that showcases hunks of the ordinary kind. I mean those kind that you'd actually bump into while walking in the street. Or in this case, sit across in the jeep.

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Here are the goodies.

I know these are naughty. I could'nt help it!


Rowjie said...

wooh.. nice package ha. hehe

juOn said...

Oh yeah. I was stunned the moment I caught sight of it. hahahaha

MrDJ said...

huh? di ba ako ang original Jeepney Hunk?!


Mark said...

NO YOU DIDN'T! Nice camera handling there, Juon! :-) If only I could focus my camera on the crotches of the hot Scandinavians here!!! :-)

juOn said...

@mrdj. Oo ikaw ang original jeepney chunk este hunk.Ikaw ang jeepney hunk 00. the source of all jeepney hunkness.

@Mark. Yes I did. hahahahaha I couldn't help it. He was straddled right in front of me as... nah. It was so inviting. I had to indulge... my camera phone. hahahaha go and try it on some scandinavian delicacies.

masadao said...


I do have fantasies about guys I see in jeeps, buses, fx's, and other public transport.

I like the choices of men you've posted. Very real. And definitely very appealing! I guess I'm sick and tired of all the stars, starlets, boylets, wanna be's, over made up, over primped, over-pimped, over art directed, pics of men on the net!!!

Yours is the best site! I'll keep coming back!!!

More jeepney guys please!!!