Monday, August 07, 2006

Are You Overweight?

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We've just had our physical exam around two weeks ago and they released the results late last week. The verdict? Well aside from those that I already know (like my hypertension and impaired glucose tolerance), the recommendation in the result sheet says that I am overweight. Gad! Where'd they get that? I assume that because I work out that it's the muscle mass that gave me all the weight. I guess being fat and overweight are two different things. Gad! I go to the gym everyday and this is what the doctor tells me. I hate the weight talk. Things like this make for a perfect excuse for people to get eating disorders.

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MrDJ said...

I think you need to review your Communications 3 speech. Bring Cory Quirino back to life! Wahahahaha!

Hmmm... so UP Alumnus ka?

Anyway, eto kailangan mo...