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Saturday, May 19, 2007

juOnBox Music 14: Ciara, The Evolution of Music

That’s Right
by Ciara Feat Li’l John

Everytime he call - I come
...but, this time I think about ME! (that's right!)
And what I need (that's right!)
Tonight I'm doin' ME! (that's right!)
And I ma hav' fun! (that's right!)

[Lil' Jon:] I bet you won't get crunk, ...

[CiCi:] That's my jam, ...

[Lil' Jon:] Get crunk, get crunk, ....
[CiCi:] That's right, that's right, ... (ooooh)

[Lil' Jon:]
Let's go,
Let's go now... now ladies...
Let's go, let's go now...
If you always...
Let's go, let's go now...
Looking out for everybody else...
Let's go, let's go now...and not yourself...
Let's go, let's go now...tonight...
Let's go, let's go now...
It's all about you...we gon' party baby...
Let's go, let's go now
C'mon, crank that thang c'mon [8x]

[Verse 1 (CiCi):]
I was driving, cruisin' on the highway...
It was a Friday, midnight, when he called me...
I was thinking "HELL NO!"
I already know what he wants: SURPRISE - SURPRISE
So I changed plans and made some arrangements
I won't be chasing, someone that's replacing, and..
That's when I called my girls up..
We about to hit the club up...

Tonight's the night (let's go..)

You can miss me all you want
But I'm not coming over
Tonight I'm doing me
I'll call you in the morning (that's right)
Hanging with my girls
Until the break of dawn
You can't tell me no
'Cause I can do what I want

Tonight I'm having fun
Tonight I'm going out
Let's ride up in a party
All night long
I'm turning off my phone
So we can get it on
O-ooh, o-ooh, o-ooh

[Verse 2:]
He kept sending e-mails
Asking for details
"When are you leaving?"
"When will you get here?"
Kept calling my cell phone
I send him straight to voice mail
...leave a message {spoken}
I usually call back
This time I won't fall back
I know what the real be
You just wanna see me
'Cause he wanna

[Lil' Jon:]
Tap, to tap, tap, tap, tap (that booty)
But he's not gonna get (that booty)
If he think that it's like that (uh)
He can think that's nothing



[CiCi's Rap / Break:]
I got my hands up on my back, back
Take it to the flow, flow
We gon' ride on out, that's right, take it down low, that's right
What's up? I'm hot tonight
What's up? We in the spot tonight
What's up? That's right, that's right, that's right,
Like this uh this, like that, that, that,
JOHN drop the beat and bring it back, back, back!!
Wassup? Wassup? That's right, that's right
You like it? I like it!
You love it? I love it!
You want it? You want it?
Wassup? Wassup?



Listen to the songs here. Ciara, The Evolution

Monday, May 14, 2007

juOnBox Music 13: Timbaland, Shock Value

Timbaland, Timothy Z. Mosley in real life, is one of the hottest hip-hop and RNB producers of our time. After crafting songs for artists such as Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, The Pussycat Dolls, etc., he’s finally stepped out of their shadows, or should I say eased out from under their wings and make himself soar.

Listen to the songs here.

Some of the standouts are collaborations with his artist friends mentioned above. My personal favorites are Give It to Me, Release, Bounce, Boardmeeting, and 2 Man Show.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Jeepney Hunk 21: Lawrence Mr. Risque

Jeepney Hunks is going a little risqué with JH 21 Lawrence. If you guys are curious, I didn’t take these pictures myself. I wish I did! ☺

I Lost Me

Really do I need all of these? I don’t. So thanks but no thanks. Next time, don’t bother asking. And as a favor, I won’t offer.

Sometimes I experience certain emotions about something because of some reason I think I know. But when I look at it really close, I realize that the seed of that emotion is not what is seems to be. Was I angry because he didn’t show up when he said he would? Or was I angry because I didn’t see him? Was I happy because I thought he missed me because he’d been calling again? Or was I happy because I missed him and I feel elated that he called? Was I excited because he thinks of me more often than I thought he did? Or was I excited because I think of him so often and it thrills me that he does the same?

It is easy to lose us especially after all the pain and the hurt that we have no choice but to bear. Pain and hurt make us tough all right. But they make some of us callous and jaded as well. I am ashamed to admit that that has what pain and hurt done to me. I was a tough cookie all right. But I am bitter and hateful and hopeless as well. And most of the time, I don’t know myself anymore. I have lost myself. And I don’t know how to get myself back.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Jeepney Hunk 20: Simply Hot 21

SimplyHot21 is what Jeepney Hunk 20 wants to be called. Who wouldn’t agree? Have you ever tried drinking steaming hot coffee while you’re at the beach? Nope? Well he is THAT hot. Believe me I’ve tried it. I mean I’ve tried drinking hot coffee at the beach. ☺

Friday, May 04, 2007

The World Has Hope: Love Calculator

I am at a point where love doesn't mean anything at all. It's just a word that I know but don't understand and most definitely not believe. Yes I am jaded. My failures in matters of the heart made me this way. Yeah it’s pathetic. I don’t care. Saging lang ang may puso ngayong mga panahong ito. But I tend to question the validity of my resolution when I meet people who have good love stories to tell. People do still find love after all.

I was blog hopping last night and found an interesting personal blog owned by a 28-year-old lawyer. Aside from the screaming stolen shots of Marc Nelson that really got me interested, there was this cute entry where he tells his readers an anecdote about him and his boyfriend whom he calls “hubby.”

There is nothing astounding really about the story. It’s just that it zapped me to an era long gone when I felt good about falling in love. Those were good, sweet times that I actually miss. Mr. 28-year-old lawyer proved to me that not all guys my age are losers when it comes to love. That thought comforts me. It makes me feel good that I am an exception and not a norm. The world still has hope then.

In my effort to bring back that lovin feeling, I stumbled on this curious Love Calculator. I decided to try it on my most recent flame.

I’d say the calculator got the correct answer! I hope someday I find that number that’ll complete my equation.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

juOnBox Music 12: Konvicted, Akon

This is the return of juOnBox Music to Radioactivity after months of absence. I hope you guys enjoy this one. Click here Konvicted, Akon to listen to the music.

Akon. Ain’t that a weird name for a hip-hop/rap artist? It sounds like munch for squirrels. Akon started to get noticed back in 2004 with the release of “Locked Up” from his debut album “Trouble.” For this latest release, the single “Smack That” earned Akon a nomination in the recent Grammy awards.