Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Growing Pains

My birthday's coming up real soon. I thought it would be cute to give some preview of how I looked when I was growing up. Check this out.

This is me when I was turning 2 years old.
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This is me when I was around 6.

I think I was a pretty cute kid. But you know what they say about cute kids. They usually grow up like this:

This is me with some hair at 27.


The last two pics may be twisted, but this one, taken when I was in high school going to college, is sick.

That's still me.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy Birthday!

You got 6 days to go to buy me a birthday gift. I wanna make life easy for you so here's a list of some things you can buy to make me happy on my birthday:

1. Griffin Earthumps. I bought myself a pair of these babies a few months ago but I killed the right ear some weeks back when I accidentally dropped it.

2. Pink's latest CD: I'm Not Dead. I like Pink. There.

3. How Dell Does It by Steven Holzner. I've been interested with anything business related lately. I think Dell's one of the perfect business models for startups like me. I came across this book two weeks ago but I didn't buy it so you can buy it for me.

4. How to Run Seminars and Workshops by Robert L. Jolles. I want to polish my public speaking skills because I think it's one of the areas I can make money from in the future. hehehehe And probably make a difference in other people's lives along the way.

5. Apple MacBook. My dream machine. The one in the picture below is the MacBook Pro. I can do with the starter version which is the MacBook. If you can afford the 2.0 ghz black version, that would be great. But if not, the 1.83 ghz white version will do. :-)
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Note: You can choose just one.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Going the Way of the Japayuki

What will it take to make my room Japanese style? I’m tired of the clutter of my room. It’s embarrassing to admit that the disarray of my room may reflect how disorganized my life is. I’m toying with the idea of redecorating it. I want to take off the excesses and stick with the essential. That would mean throwing a lot of crazy stuff I’ve accumulated through the years. My biggest challenge would be relocating this huge old trunk which takes a lot of space in my room. I plan to replace it with a less chunky wardrobe, if I decide that the wardrobe should be part of my bedroom all together. There’s this old piece of furniture as well that I use as some sort of a dresser which I plan to put to retirement. But where do I put all my stuff then? I’m thinking of using plastic storage boxes but I don’t know because I’m afraid I might end up with stacks of these boxes if I don’t sort my stuff first. And the bed, I will have to amputate its legs to achieve the acceptable height. But before I launch this grand plan, I will first have to make cleaning my room a habit. Good luck to me.