Monday, December 13, 2004


Today has to be one of the most tiring days of december for me so far. My team went to the Communications Foundation whetever in Sta. Mesa where we did our voice recording for our Christmas presentation. The recording itself went smoothly. We spent two hours for the recording of the dialogs. We plan to do the mixing and final editing and cutting in-house.
I sort of directed the voice recording session. I also did the voice of Reyna Valeriana. Yes I did the voice of the queen. We wanted her to sound like a gay man for humor. The thing is, I think my voice turned out sounding more like a woman's. oh well. The whole recorded material was 24 minutes long. And the presenattion has to be 7 minutes only. That's the next thing we would have to work on now. Jhena the scriptwriter has suggested several dialogs which we can delete. My instruction to the editor is to just lay out everything and then we'll do the cutting afterwards. Whew!! We still have a long way to go. Looking forward to practicing the stage actors. Probably on Wednesday. it has to be Wednesday.

Saturday, December 11, 2004


I took a diagnostic exam this morning on business writing. It was part of HR's program to improve employee competency, this time on honing corporate communications skills. The exam was pretty fun. Employees with rank 4 and 5 were asked to take the exam. These people were at the supervisorial to managerial levels. I could sense apprehension from the people in the room. Pretty understandable considering the fact that most of these people have not taken an exam for years. It was peanuts to my opinion. I guess I have our almost weekly Textbook Editorial workshops and exams on grammar and editing to thank for that.

Moving on to another topic, I am sort of looking forward to today. I plan to go to Divisoria after lunch to do my Christams shopping. I'll be buying gifts for my mga inaanak. I plan to scout for some things i could use for my hat and costume for our company get-together. I just hope it doesn't rain. The sky looks pretty gloomy outside. I'm crossing my fingers. :-)

Friday, December 10, 2004

Christmas Project

There are two things that are keeping me really busy and very excited about this Christmas season. One is the Christmas party our department is throwing for the kids of Bahay Bulilit, a day-care center in Makati along C5. The kids there come from the less-fortunate families in the area. This is going to be the first time our group is doing something of this kind. We thought of making this year's Christmas party different, and probably more meaningful than the usual kris-kringle we do among ourselves. It's also going to be some sort of thanksgiving for the past year's bountiful blessings. The party's scheduled on the 17th in the afternoon. We prepared a full program for the kids. This project has a spot in my heart. I dunno. I like kids. And I miss the kids that I left in Bulacan. The Bahay Bulilit gig would sort of remind me how it feels to have kids around me again.

This other big event I'm looking forward to is the company Christmas party on the 21st. There's talk that this year's get-together party---yeah that's how management wants to call it and not Christmas party---is going to be a relatively modest one compared to last year but personally it doesn't matter. Whether it's gonna be a big one or not, the more exciting part for me is the chance for me to strut all my stuff. You see, I'm the showbiz type. I pine for the limelight. Publicity, big or small, is still publicity. I'm gonna be playing big roles in the party. I'd be hosting together with my friend Jhena. I'm also part of the team preparing for our department's presentation. You see, the Editorial Department has been the force to reckon with when it comes to presentations. We have a proven track record of wins. In fact, our department won the first prize in last year's get-together presentation. But, well, since this year's gig is going to be modest, management decided not to make the presentation competitive, at least not in monetary value. I think what's at stake this year is reputation. And my department is out to prove our supremacy when it comes to artistic endeavours like this.

We're in the midst of preparations now. I'd tell you more about it in the coming days. :-)