Monday, December 13, 2004


Today has to be one of the most tiring days of december for me so far. My team went to the Communications Foundation whetever in Sta. Mesa where we did our voice recording for our Christmas presentation. The recording itself went smoothly. We spent two hours for the recording of the dialogs. We plan to do the mixing and final editing and cutting in-house.
I sort of directed the voice recording session. I also did the voice of Reyna Valeriana. Yes I did the voice of the queen. We wanted her to sound like a gay man for humor. The thing is, I think my voice turned out sounding more like a woman's. oh well. The whole recorded material was 24 minutes long. And the presenattion has to be 7 minutes only. That's the next thing we would have to work on now. Jhena the scriptwriter has suggested several dialogs which we can delete. My instruction to the editor is to just lay out everything and then we'll do the cutting afterwards. Whew!! We still have a long way to go. Looking forward to practicing the stage actors. Probably on Wednesday. it has to be Wednesday.

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