Thursday, January 04, 2007

Jeepney Hunk 13: Divisoria Boy

You got that right! I caught sight of him in a jeep bound to Divisoria. He’s already in the jeep when I got on it so I don’t know where he came from. He got off along University Belt. I assume he’s a student, or a crew in one of the fast-food joints, or both. He’s got long limbs that looked pretty strong. That shy snob look worked wonders for this cutey. And that green shirt flattered his face. There was something suspicious about how he looked at me. We guys can tell, right? If I knew I’d be single now, I would’ve asked for his number.


Anonymous said...

yey. jeepney hunk.

R*Y A N said...

what i want to know is how the hell you get away with taking these pics in close proximity???

R*Y A N said...

oh, and did i forget to say that i love your jeepney hunks???

cos i do.

nice work, j (a)!


Benzblues said...

You slut you.

Kidding! :) Love your blog.

juOn said...

@ C. Yup. JH is back. Enjoy!
@ R*yan. I'm sure you've ridden a jeep, haven't you? It's not that hard really. And of course that's a big thanks to the technology of camera phones. Mine has 2x zoom function. Hahahaha NO you haven't told me you love JH. I'm flattered that you do. Salamat R! :-)
@ Benzblues. I know! I am! hahahahaha I visited your blog as well and I must say I'll be coming back to read more. I'll be linking you ah. :-)