Wednesday, January 10, 2007

juOnTech: iPhone and Apple TV

I am so disappointed with myself that I have to learn about the release of the iPhone through a friend. Waaaaah! What a way to open the year for Apple. So rumor-mongers are right all along. Apple seers have been harping about the iPhone for some time already and finally it’s here. Get this: The iPhone (1) is a widescreen iPod, (2) a revolutionary phone, (3) a breakthrough Internet device, and (4) has mind-boggling multi-touch technology that claims to be the next big breakthrough since the mouse.

Read more about the iPhone here.

And for the couch potato, Apple has also announced Apple TV. This TiVO-like technology brings all your iTunes media to your television!

Read more about Apple TV here.

With the success of the iPod, it seems Apple realizes that the money is in consumer electronics. Apple is looking good these days. Sony better watch out.


Anonymous said...

I bet it'll be cheaper in Manila, than here in Norway where it's reported to cost around 5000 kroner = 40,000 pesos. I sooo want one!

juOn said...

Ako rin Mark. Tamang-tama I'm planning to change my phone because it's so beat up. I guess it won't hurt to postpone buying a new one for a few months. But I bet the iPhone will be here late this year pa. Waaaaahhhh! My covetousness is all fired up! hahahaha

patrick said...

i want one too..

pero for sure the most expensive if ever among other mobile phones sold here 'yang iphone.

pero kahit na... perfect device.