Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Say Hello to the Pig!

The year 2007 is the Year of the Pig in the Chinese calendar.

We always start the New Year with promises that we make to ourselves about the things that we want to change and improve. I have a few of what most people call resolutions. I call mine goals.

1. I will wear underwear more often.
2. I will concentrate on building muscle mass, be thinner and leaner.
3. I will brush my teeth more often and prepare them for braces next year
4. I will stay single in 2007 and vow not to be reckless and hasty with love anymore
5. I will free some disc space in my iPod by deleting files that are outdated or whose emotional and sentimental values have expired. That means kbs of songs and photos to let my iPod breathe.
6. I will go out more on dates with older, mature men.
7. I will spend more time with my siblings
8. I will buy my laptop before the year ends.
9. I will smile a lot and be happier more often.
10. I will eat less rice, if any rice at all.
11. I will be more relaxed and carefree but in a mature and responsible way.
12. I will rise above the bitterness and hurt that I feel and channel my energies on making a very big investment on friendship, love, goodwill, and kindheartedness.

I am looking forward to the year of the pig. I hope I don’t meet pigs along the way.


Anonymous said...

You don't wear underwear everyday? Naughty naughty, I love it! Hahaha! Good luck with the rest of your resolutions. Mine is so simple - only have Coke once a week. :-)

juOn said...

@ Mark. hahaha. Sort of. Except when I'm wearing my office uniform. But I seldom wear uniform now. ;-) To motivate myself, I bought several new pairs of cool undies. So far I've only worn 1 pair. I think I'm gonna break this resolution. hahahahaha