Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Magnificent! Since I can’t wait for the 21 February 2007 Philippine screening of Dreamgirls, I bought a bootleg copy of the film. As expected, the copy was bad (It was dark and there’s clapping and laughing in the background. The bootleg copy was obviously taken from a digital video camera inside the cinema.) but I enjoyed the movie. It was Jennifer Hudson’s movie. She was great. No, really great! I especially like her And I’m Telling You I’m not Going solo and in the Dreams’ opening number Move. Man, they indeed moved my ass off the seat!

The funny part was, well, I was singing along with the songs while watching the movie. Believe me. If you listened to nothing but the soundtrack everyday in the last two or three weeks, you wouldn’t be able to help yourself as well.

And Beyonce? Uhm, she looked gorgeous. Beyonce looked so much like Diana Ross especially toward the middle and the end of the movie when she was asked to sing lead for the Dreams. But that’s it. Like what I said, Dreamgirls is Jennifer Hudson’s movie. And yes, I definitely will watch it again on the big screen.

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