Tuesday, January 09, 2007

How to Eat Pancakes

Pancakes without the butter or the syrup or the jam is no fun. The joy of pancakes is in the eating. I learned that from… you know who you are. I don’t know if I did it right. You weren’t there when I did this.

1. Order the pancake breakfast meal with extra strawberry jelly.

2. Spread the butter on one of the pancakes.

3. Spread the strawberry jam on the other pancake.

4. Make a pancake sandwich out of the two pancakes.

5. Slice the pancake sandwich like a pizza.

6. You can enjoy it coffee or soft drinks or both. You can also top your pancake sandwich pizza with syrup. I’m hypertensive and borderline diabetic so I chose the sugarless preparation.

Hhhmmmmm. Do I look like I’m enjoying?

It doesn’t look it. Para kasing may kulang. Hhhhhmmmmm.


MrDJ said...

mali ka naman eh. you need to put honey on top of the second pancake before you slice it.

to everyone who eats breakfast at McDonalds... Ask them to give you some strawberry jam whenever you order pancakes!!!

juOn said...

@ MrDJ. Somebody's being bold here ah. Hhhhmmmm.

They charge you 8 pesos if I'm not mistaken for the strawberry jam. But it makes a whole lot of difference. Especially when there's somebody sitting across you while eating.

Anonymous said...

The way I do it, since I moved to Norway, is spread sour cream on the pancake/waffle, and top with strawberry jam. You'll love it! Now I use sourcream even on pizza. Yum!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way, talking of McDo, do you know that you can ask for extra sauce and cheese on your spaghetti at no extra cost? I've done a million times back in Manila. Hehehe. Freeloader!!!

Benzblues said...

i eat my pancakes only with chocolate fudge.

juOn said...

@ Mark. I haven't tried it with sour cream. Sour cream junky ka Mark! hahaha I'll try it one of these days.

That's a nice bit of trivia about extra sauce and cheese at McDo. But the extra that I want for free is the sauce for the Chicken McNuggets. They charge extra if you ask for it.

@ Benzblues. Pancakes with hot chocolate fudge sounds tempting as well. Too bad I have to control my sugar. Susubukan ko rin minsan. Sa pancake house! :-)

R*Y A N said...

rarely eat maccas hotcakes here but when i do, i spread the butter first then pile on the syrup. yum!

(oh, that's after na nakain ko na ang sausage and egg muffin at ilang hash browns. hmmm. labs ko 'to!)