Friday, November 10, 2006

Jeepney Hunk 08

After some weeks of respite, I am bringing back by popular demand the next installment of my Jeepney Hunks series. The truth is that in the past weeks, I never had the chance to scout around for Jeepney Hunks because I just wasn’t interested to look at other guys. Eh malakas kayo lahat sa akin so I’m forcing myself. (hahahahahaha) Now the pictures you’ll see here, I wasn’t the one who took them myself. I got them through email. So what’s a guy got to do when he wants exposure? Expose him!

I hope these are enough for an explosive comeback for Jeepney Hunks. Guys, we just love ‘em, don’t we?


Anonymous said...

omg. omg. omg. he looks yummy. i want him for chrismakkah.

R*Y A N said...

ang sarap!

(masama ba yun?)

juOn said...

@ C. I'd send him to you for christmas! hahahaha. I hope he fits in a box! A big box!

@ R*yan. Oo masarap talaga. :-) At hindi masamang masarapan sa mamang masarap. hahahaha