Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Drop Him, Move On, Get Going, Go Boy!

I know it’s weird that I’m writing about ditching guys when I myself am deeply in love. Although I don’t find myself in this situation now, I know that there are guys out there who do. Here’s something to knock yourself back to your senses.

So you’re dating this person for some time already. Both of you made some amount of emotional investment. But then you can’t explain your relationship. You are together, but not really. And it’s been going on for months but you don’t know exactly where you are going. Man, somebody has got to decide. Leave him or live with it.

I know it’s hard to just leave someone just like that, especially if you’re starting to fall or have fallen already. These ten reasons might just break the camel’s back, help you pack your bags and leave the guy you thought you want:

1. You don’t trust him not because you’re just paranoid but because he gives (or doesn’t) you reasons not to.
2. Your closest friends tell you that he is not good for you.
3. He tells you that he has personal baggage which for some reason he doesn’t want to share with you.
4. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends and/or family. You are his most guarded secret. That, or he is just a two-timing boar.
5. He is not ready for a commitment now and he doesn’t know when (if ever at all) he’ll be ready.
6. He moves back every time you get close. He is distant.
7. You start needing him but he is always unavailable. He doesn’t return your texts or doesn’t call you back even if you know he’s not busy.
8. He is confused. He adores you one minute, and then you’re a nobody to him the next.
9. You receive emails and text messages from him which were meant for some other guy or girl (Surprise! Surprise!) he is dating. (That’s why he doesn’t want to commit?)
10. He tells you that in the few months you lost touch, he’s had 5 relationships, all of them past flings who had in some way hurt him. He hatched a carefully planned plot to exact revenge on all of them. (Shudder!)

Now, is dropping him still hard to do? Put it this way: you are doing yourself a very big favor if you do. Your mantra should be “Move on. Get going. Go boy!”

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