Wednesday, November 15, 2006

juOnTech: The Sony PlayStation 3

Sony finally lets it go. The much-anticipated PlayStation 3 (PS3) has been released in Japan last 11 November and will be released in the US (and hopefully other parts of the world) on 17 November 2006. After killing us tech fans with excitement, and building us up by floating mind-boggling leaks about the PS3’s features, finally they’ve let it all out. Here are some of the key features of this baby:

• High-definition graphics
• A hard disk drive (in 60 and 20 gb) to store photos, music files, and video files, and consequently view them as well
• Connectivity via ethernet, wi-fi (802.11 b/g), and Bluetooth and consequent networking capabilities to surf the Internet, access special content and software upgrades, and multiplayer online gaming messaging
• Media slots for Memory Stick, SD Card, and CompactFlash
• An updated wireless controller

Check out the PS3’s specs from the official PS3 website in Asia.

Now the PS3 is facing stiff competition from Nintendo's Wii (set for release on 11 November 2006 and Microsoft's 1-year old baby XBox 360. If you're torn, you might want to read this article to help you sort this out.

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