Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jeepney Hunk 07

And when I thought that yesterday was uneventful, Celso sits right in front of me. Yeah it looks like I’ve been featuring more men lately, not boys. It’s all very good if you ask me. Celso is the tough kind of guy, what with his fierce handsome facial features and his bulky build. He’d pass for a handsome villain.

Hurt me, will you?


Unknown said...

Well, you sure have your own taste in men.

Cute idea you've got here. And the guts!

Ha haa, cheers!

juOn said...

Hi Momel. Yeah I know. I surprise myself sometimes. My taste I guess if you want to qualify it is the carinderia type, or the kanto boy type. hahahahaha But you know I'm flexible. hahahahaha