Monday, October 30, 2006

Cheer Dance Update: We Won!

The Diwa Red Team Pep Squad did it again for 2 straight First Asia Ventures Capital Inc (FAVCI) Network Games. It was nerve-wracking at first. The other team had more men, so I assumed that they’d bring us down with unbelievable stunts and clarity and volume of voice. The pep squads of the four competing teams were housed in a row of rooms right in front of the covered courts and it was no soothing thought seeing them. But we stood out. From the costume, to the choreography, down to the execution, call me cocky, but we had it. I’m so proud of the team. I think what did it for us is that our concept was out-of-the-box. Right from the very start, I told the team I don’t want to go there looking like cheer leaders, which explains why I chose a military-inspired concept. We were creative and unconventional. I do know that the other teams did pay attention the last time we won. I can see traces of our old routine from their performance this year. I say to them, go learn. Good luck next time.

Here are tons of pictures of the first day of the sports fest. FAVCI Network Games 2006 Day 1 I hope to upload the video of our winning form soon.

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