Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Create Your Own Smile

Smiling takes loads of stuff from your mind. It rejuvenates not just the spirit of the person smiling but also the spirit of others being smiled at. Smiles are the rays of sunshine in a person’s face. So if you haven’t tried it lately, start practicing.

I’m not the smiley type of guy myself. My neutral normal facial expression is fierce. Ok so smiling could be hard for people like me. Smiles can sometimes be strenuous exercise. Here’s a tip to keep that smile on your face the whole day. This is guaranteed safe. You’ll be sure that no matter what happens, that face will never ever leave that lovely face again.

Get a rubber band and two paper clips.

Bend the paper clips into two hooks. Attach the hooks to the rubber band.

Now you’re ready to wear that smile the whole day, every day!

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