Friday, October 13, 2006

Shaider’s Annie: This One's for the Boys

Minutes after featuring songs from well-loved 80s television children's flicks Bioman and Shaider in juOnBox Music 04, I just have to give in to requests for me to do a sort of tribute to some of the characters. Ok, the boys want Annie.

Annie, the trusty sidekick of Shaider in Uchuu Keiji Shaider (Space Sheriff Shaider), is played by Naomi Morinaga . Annie is best known for her preppy-looking do; yellow, white, and flesh ensemble; her big gun; and her ass-kickin (and panty-showing) stunts. Boys, I know. Annie is probably one of the first girls you fantasized about as a kid. Who wouldn’t? I also fantasized about her at one point. (Yeah. I fantasized that I was her.)

Unfortunately, Shaider was already the peak of her career. Probably in the hopes of resuscitating it, she tried another genre of entertainment. Porn. What a shift! Go girl!

Learn more about Naomi Morinaga here.

Kalbo. Para sa yo to. :-)


Mega Stina said...

asus! she's a porn star now?

juOn said...

Hi Ina,

Yes apparently she is. :-) I can imagine how easy the transition would be from showing her tighty-whities in Shaider to showing all. hehehehe