Friday, October 06, 2006

Amici Loves Marat Safin

My amici April shared this once in a lifetime chance she had with her longtime “boyfriend,” the tennis superstar Marat Safin. April is that pretty girl wearing green and white striped baby tee. That smile on her face (on top of the air fare, accommodations, and other expenses she incurred during her trip last week to Thailand just to see Safin in person) is priceless.

The picture was taken outside the stadium where the games were being held. That van on the back is Safin’s service she tells us. Don’t go thinking that April and her posses, a mix of Filipino, Singaporean, and Thais, all Safin fans, ambushed the tennis superstar. But yeah it looks like that. The good-natured man obviously couldn’t refuse the lovely bevy of girls for a quick shoot and some autographs. Good for you April!


R*Y A N said...

ba't di man lang sya ngumiti???


juOn said...

Oo nga. He must've been shocked! :-) Pinagtatawanan ko nga itong kaibigan kong si April dahil sabi ko parang masama ata ang loob ni burat este Marat. ;-)