Thursday, October 12, 2006

Adik sa Tsaa't Gatas

If you’ve had enough of flavored green tea (read C2), Mine Shine Finest Quality Milk Tea might interest you better. Since last week I’ve been buying myself this every night on my way home. I’m not entirely virgin to Mine Shine. The first time I tasted it was way back through my friend Cupkeyk. But my addiction officially started Monday last week after dance practice. I forgot my water bottle and I was really thirsty and Mine Shine was the drink I first laid my hands on. Ang sarap. Walang kapantay na sarap. If you’ve tried Chowking’s Nai Cha, the taste is close to that. Mine Shine, though, is less sweet and it doesn’t have jelly cubes. I find drinking it therapeutic. I know it’s just all in the head but it works for me. Try it. I think 7-Eleven distributes this exclusively since I don’t see it anywhere else. A 600-ml plastic bottle sells for P 39.

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