Saturday, December 11, 2004


I took a diagnostic exam this morning on business writing. It was part of HR's program to improve employee competency, this time on honing corporate communications skills. The exam was pretty fun. Employees with rank 4 and 5 were asked to take the exam. These people were at the supervisorial to managerial levels. I could sense apprehension from the people in the room. Pretty understandable considering the fact that most of these people have not taken an exam for years. It was peanuts to my opinion. I guess I have our almost weekly Textbook Editorial workshops and exams on grammar and editing to thank for that.

Moving on to another topic, I am sort of looking forward to today. I plan to go to Divisoria after lunch to do my Christams shopping. I'll be buying gifts for my mga inaanak. I plan to scout for some things i could use for my hat and costume for our company get-together. I just hope it doesn't rain. The sky looks pretty gloomy outside. I'm crossing my fingers. :-)

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