Thursday, August 03, 2006

Freak Beauty Contest Tragedy

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Teen beauty contestant dies in candle tragedy

25 July 2006,

A 16-year-old contestant in a school beauty pageant died of burns three days after her costume caught fire from a lighted candle, a mother of the girl's classmate told Sun.Star Monday.

The girl was walking down the stage in their school when the incident happened.

"She was a friend of my daughter and my daughter stayed with her at the hospital after they brought her there. It was so pitiful, she died at 2 p.m. Sunday," the woman who refused to give her name said.

The victim, Cherly Zarate, first year AB English student of the University of Southeastern Philippines in Barrio Obrero, was wearing a costume made of cotton that had a plastic lining during the beauty pageant in their school early evening of July 20.

As she walked down the ramp lined with lighted candles, her costume caught fire. Because of the plastic lining it was difficult to put out the fire and the burnt plastic wrapped around her.

The girl sustained third degree burns.

She was rushed to the Davao Medical Center by her friends, but her burns were said to be so severe, she did not survive.

"We were told that her kidney and heart functions already failed. While my daughter and her friends were bringing the victim to the hospital she even asked them if she was already ugly," the woman said. (RCO)


/iambrew said...

Should anybody be blamed for what happened?

Just asking. I think it's so tragic.


Mark said...

That's tragic.