Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Penis Inis

Here’s one for the books. In China, the recipient of the first successful penile transplant had to have it removed after 2 weeks because of the “severe psychological problems” the dong caused the man and his wife.

According to reports, the man met an accident that left him with a 1cm stump for a penis. Because the stump didn’t allow him urinate and have intercourse, the doctors subjected him to the operation, which the hospital’s medical and ethical committees approved. And where did the transplanted man meat come from? It was donated by the family of a 22-year old brain-dead man. It was 4 inches (10cm). I assume it was the flaccid length because there’s no way the brain-dead man could get that up.

The transplanted member worked fine in that it allowed its new owner to urinate. But since it only stayed with its owner for a short 10 days, the doctors weren’t able to find out if the transplanted member could stand at attention and do the deed.

I have a wild guess why the 44-year old guy and his wife suffered “severe psychological problems” with the new dong. The man must’ve had a really huge one and replacing it with a relatively puny member was psychological torture to him and his wife. He must rather have nothing than to have anything at all. It must’ve been that bad.

Now here’s a question, if you were in the man’s place, would you rather have a transplanted dong that doesn’t live up to your standards of manhood or have nothing at all?

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R*Y A N said...

hmmm interesting conundrum... sorry couldn't say either way. but hey, am liking your banner. nice work.

juOn said...

Hi R*yan! Finally somebody noticed the banner! :-) Thanks. I look up to you when it comes to banners. :-)