Saturday, September 23, 2006

Better Friday

There are good days and bad days. But in several counts, yesterday was better than most good days.

Better Money

Yesterday was a better Friday not just for me financially but for almost all of the people in the office. The office of the president has released the company’s most long-awaited incentive package. This is the first time they’re implementing the performance-based bonus. In the previous years, the bonuses were 14th and 15th month pays that were across the board, meaning regardless of how the employees performed, they get 1 or 2 extra months of pay depending on the overall company performance. Fortunately for me and most of my colleagues in Textbook Editorial, we got close to 100 percent of our monthly salaries.

And as expected, the pantry was empty during lunchtime. Every one was out lunching. Good for all of us.

Better Health

I came back to the doctor this week for my monthly check-up. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it because I had an inkling that my blood chemistry tests would reveal my nonchalance about my diet the last month. Add to this the fact that I’ve been stressed the past few weeks. So I went to the doctor last Wednesday, had my lab tests Thursday, and came back for the results yesterday. The biggest surprise of my day was that my blood glucose, cholesterol (good and bad), potassium, creatine, and triglycerides levels were all normal. Holy cow! I just love it. But of course that doesn’t mean I’d continue with my philandering with my diet. Although I’m not going to be too hard on myself, I want to at least show some discipline and respect my body because I want to live longer.

Better Extra-Curricular Activities

Yesterday has got to be the best practice I had with my PEP squad. I’m astounded by how they’ve improved in just a week. It was the perfect way to cap a first week’s practice. The team’s marked improvement from the last two days inspired me to continue doing the choreography, which I have been sleeping on for days now because of lack of muse. I’m looking at the middle of next week at the latest for me to complete the choreography for the whole cheer dance routine.

Better Friendships

The cherry that topped my cake of a day was a very interesting guy I met on my way home from the gym last night. Like all the good things that happened yesterday, this one’s totally unexpected. I was on my way to the train station when I saw this cute guy. Since I was feeling bold at that time, probably intoxicated with the onrush of the day’s bounty, I stared at him. He stared back. He smiled. And after awhile, he opened up a conversation. And the surprises never seem to stop. He was deaf. I could tell there was something different when he started talking to me, and then he told me that he couldn’t hear and that he was reading my lips to understand what I was saying. My mind was blown. But surprisingly, barring the obvious difficulty, we had a good conversation. He even taught me some sign language after I told him how I’ve always wanted to learn to do it. I liked his honesty, his candor, his rawness. It was surreal. We exchanged numbers and texted each other until around 3 in the morning.

I say bad days were made for us to appreciate better days. After my better Friday, I look forward to more bad days and whole lot of more better and even best days.


Anonymous said...

congrats on ur bonus.hope everyday is a good day for you.
btw... blogger finally allowed me to post comments... i was having some issues there for a while, with the switching to beta and all...i swear i'm not the most techno savvy person ever.

juOn said...

Hi Callen,

Yeah. I got the same problem when I switched the blogger but I think they were able to fix it since last week. I'm glad to hear from you again. :-)

R*Y A N said...

well done on the bonus, juon. and deaf guys can be very hot. how're things progressing?

nice banner, too. has a very "ben lee" feel to it.

juOn said...

R*yan. You mean between me and the deaf cute guy? Not much. We haven't met again. Just plans but nothing concrete. Believe me, he has a pretty "unique" way of communicating even through text. It takes a little bit of getting used to and a bunch of imagination to figure out exactly what he's saying. Obviously I can't call him. ;-)