Friday, September 01, 2006

Rules to Follows

Who says that our competency in English has declined? Check out the set of rules and regulations of a certain Isla Beach Resort. The image I got from the email.

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Rules to Follows

Isla Beach Resort

1. Safety the important things. The management will not shoulder, if anything is lost.

2. Throw all plastic, cellophane in the sacks that hung in the tree.

3. Throw the biodegradable in the rubber garbbage.

4. Please don't throw anywhere the bones, candies, ice cream pop wrappers, waste of fruits, cigarette butts. Throw in the garbagge.

5. Don't broke the bottle specially softdrinks, beer, and hard liquor. Once you caught penalty P100.00.

6. Stay were you are occupied cottage.

7. Once you caught stay other cottage, you should pay another for that cottage.

8. During eating time. Please don't stay or sit the other cottage. So that we can identified cottage that are available for other customers come in.

Be discipline ourselves. This rules should follow.


bananas said...

Uh uh...It's in a resort here in Davao. And this pix was taken by corporate writer Jojie Alcantara. The girl is quite notorious in capturing very hilarious signages.

She also writes for sunstar davao.

Anonymous said...

oh dear lord....

juOn said...

@banana Thank you for the information. I have a bunch of other photos taken by her. I just don't get the others because I don't speak Visayan. :-)