Saturday, July 02, 2005

Letting Some Sunshine In

This is my first blog entry on the second day of my 27th year of existence. I think it’s time to make a change in my usually gloomy blog. I’d like to give you all guys a break from the disturbing soap opera I always write about. I should be done with focusing too much on the pains, hurts, and bruises. I resolve to minimize drawing inspiration from the negative and start mining the positive. I’m going to let some sunshine in.

One of the things that I’ll be doing regularly is an Oprah-ish list of positives. My first list would be the top 5 reasons that made my 27th birthday extra special.

1. I received a Goya white chocolate from Gil, C2 peach green teas from April and Jhena, Kisses chocolates from Jhena, carrot mini-cakes from Peter, Men’s Fitness July issue from Marie, a Toblerone from Ms. Grace, a really cute card from Textbook Editorial, and a blue Accel gym bag from myself. More than the gifts, I so dig the thought that came with them. Cliché but this is so true.
2. The call I received from my Mommy at 5:30ish in the morning.
3. The text I received from Marie at 5:30 in the morning. I had to do a special mention on this because this is the very first greeting I got.
4. The texts, calls, and Friendster messages I received from my family and friends (Jaybee, June, Tita Pining, Joyce, my brother Ian and his boyfriend Michael, Mica who never forgets my birthday, Iman, Dani, Jayge, Gary).
5. Al.

That was tough. This sunshiney business is proving to be more difficult than I thought it would be. I hope I get the hang of this.

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Micaela said...

Am glad you're trying this out. =)

By the way, happy to hear (read) that you had a great birthday. =)