Tuesday, July 05, 2005


What does rain do to you? I love the rain! Everything about it. I love the wetness it leaves on my feet in my shoes. I love the dampness of my pants after walking through it. I love the coldness of the air that sticks to my hands like mittens during a storm. The smell of the air is different when it rains. The rain energizes me. It gives me back the strength that I lost during the scorching heat. It bathes me with invisible light particles that penetrate me right through the nucleus of every cell in my body. The rain quenches my thirst. It washes away worries, guilt, anger, love, passion, lust—leaving me raw, untouched, pure. I like the rain. It makes me who I really am.

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Micaela said...

Relate ako dyan mudra! Natural high para sa akin ang ulan. Mumunting patak, o malakas na buhos - nagpapakalma sa aking kalooban. =)