Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine Scrooge

I am not in the best mood today. I hate Valentine’s Day this year. I cringe in disgust when I see flower delivery boys busy hustling the streets to bring sappy flowers to their equally sappy recipients. I don’t want to see people coupling, please! Yeah I am bitter. In fact, I am so bitter I decided to wear black today.

But I do have a Valentine date. And I had to shell out some money to get him. Here’s my date. His name is Decembear.

Now this morning my mom texted me, asking how my valentine’s day is going along:

Mamee: Happy Valentine’s Anak! Kamusta? Saan ang date ninyo ni DJ?
juOn: Happy Valentine’s Mamee! Mamee matagal ng nakipag-break sa akin si DJ. Wala akong valentine’s date. Buti na lang busy ako sa work kaya di ko masyadong naiisip.
Mamee: Ah oo nga pala. Wala bang bago?
juOn: Maraming bago, pero wala po akong gusto sa kanila. Wala akong gusting i-date.
Mamee: Hayaan mo na sila. Pareho naman tayong walang date eh. Ingat ka dyan. Happy valentine’s day ulit. I love you!
juOn: I love you Mamee!


Micaela said...

hi mudra! it's ok to be a valentine scrooge. i've not been celebrating valentine's since i was, what, in high school? (OA ba?) i even submitted a 'valentine's sucks' essay to a radio station a long time ago, wahahaha. lucky neil, he doesn't have to worry about being sappy every valentine's day. ;p

patrick said...

i lurve your mom. *bwahah

casual lang! panalo! =)