Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dear Carol


The White Moth Orchid with Red Lips is one of the most long-lasting orchid blossoms in the world. The 6 flowers in full bloom symbolize the resilience and strength you've shown in the last 6 decades of your beautiful life. And the 4 buds, they are our wish for you to continue spreading the gift of your love for more decades to come. This replica of the White Moth Orchid was made specifically for you. It was meticulously handcrafted from delicate glass beads, your gentle love, and Swarovski crystals that are as pure as your soul.

Orchid Poem

By Chris Barnes

Seated with sweet scented lap

Your hand beckons me as

Beauty becomes your face

Eyes a million stars sparkle

Long lasting love, your lips

Teasing taste, your tongue tempts

As fluted frilled petticoats

Smile pointing pure symmetry

Symbolic of most feminine place,

In my dreams flower lady

You feel first firm embrace.

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