Thursday, February 08, 2007

My New Office Cube

It’s been exactly a week since I assumed my new job. I feel like a sponge absorbing all of the learnings I’m getting on the job. I’m loving it. But of course it’s not all bed of roses. The negative things, I deal with all the same. They are learning experiences as well. And now more than ever I realize that it is impossible to please everyone. But I am stepping up no matter what. I will never let anyone let me down and bring me down. Of course I am not discounting the fact that I may just be paranoid. :-)


R*Y A N said...

doing the minimalist look, hey?

when's the cubicle going to get the "juon" touch???

juOn said...

Hey R*yan. My cube will never get the juOn touch. We're doing 5S in the office so nothing flamboyant (read: gay) is allowed. wahahahahaha