Saturday, December 23, 2006


Evil wins sometimes.

Here's the winning face paint I did on myself that won me The Face award during our Employee Get-Together last Thursday. Yeah I know. It's straight out of Holloween. But that's the point. Despite the glaring looks I got from the more conservative people from the office, my evil face paint was tied with a, ahem, butterfly face paint for The Face award. Although I was one of the few who took the contest seriously, it was a total surprise to me that I was even considered for the top 5 best face paints because, man, there was not a few bunch who I felt were scandalized by my concept. There were a lot though who also liked it.

Cheers to everyone! Merry Christmas! I love you all.


Anonymous said...

That's wicked. And brilliant. Shocking the hell out of 'em! Hahaha!

Merry Christmas and I wish you loads of amazing blessings in 2007!

It's nice knowing you and you've been a wonderful read this year! Looking forward to more of Radioactivity next year!

R*Y A N said...

it's been an absolute pleasure reading you and getting to know you this year, juon.

albeit remaining virtual thus far, thanks for being a great friend, and for providing me with some of the most touching sentiments i've ever received. you are an absolutely special guy who deserves so much more than you've been blessed so far.

so here's to you for a wonderful xmas and an unforgettable new year!

may 2007 really bring you all that you could hope for.

ang iyong kapatid,
r*yan xox