Sunday, December 17, 2006

My New Baby!

Finally! After weeks, months of contemplating on getting this, I bought myself a spanking new Nintendo DS Lite. Ok, I was planning to get the coral pink one but by providence thay ran out of stock so I got the next best color, enamel navy. I'm lovin it. I got this for a pretty good bargain. And like any tech geek, I bought it a poly-something protective case. That and these two games.

I'm lovin Trauma Center. I get to slice people up without actually hurting anyone. A perfect way to vent out feelings after, taddaaaaaah, boyfriend number 8 breaks up with me for "(1) selos issues, (2) party boy issues, and (3)priorities." I'll probably write more on this when I'm better. I'm sorry for my DS Lite, I'm on the rebound.

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