Thursday, July 27, 2006

Who's UNO?

If you're a guy you'd know what UNO magazine is. They made a big splash on men's magazine publishing by featuring mostly nubile (emphasis on the YOUNG) babes on their covers.

I received a forwarded email this morning from an officemate who received the email from another officemate who received an email from her friend who did the styling for this photoshoot. She says that UNO is cooking up another boiling stew for you hot-blooded men out there. And it's not the same old you'd expect.

Here's the stylist in her own words:

UNO Mag July-Aug issue: GUESS WHO?!!

By now, there should be buzz surrounding this cover already. Suffice to say that the cover model would be the LAST girl you would think will pose for a men's magazine. I'll post behind the scenes stories as soon as the issue is out because this has been one of my toughest yet easiest (and most exciting) covers to date. :D

Let's just say that I know that most people's reaction when they find out who would be a mixture of shock and laughter. I do think that after the initial reaction, you will be curious enough to buy a copy to see how she did. I am excited to report that whoever this girl is, she did very well and we got a lot of good shots. Now, let's just see if I agree with the shots the magazine picks. Haha!

Oh, it's NOT Heart people. She's the number one guess as of this minute. My only clue is "the last girl you'd think would pose for a men's mag", ryt? well, obviously not Heart coz a lot of you sha yung first guess.
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MrDJ said...

Si Sandara yan!

juOn said...

Hahahaha. I never saw that coming. :-)