Monday, July 17, 2006

Superman Returns

With the success of Superman Returns, the producers are already doing studies of how the next Superman film be. Here are some of them:
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Superman Ballet. This Superman will have the special power to spin on tiptoes till he defeats the nemesis by making him puke because of nausea.

Summerman in Bikini. That tiny bikini is an unbreakable, impenetratable armor that protects the family jewel to ensure that Superman's family line continues.

Superman Bunny. In this study, Superman will be battling it out with Monster Carrots that plan to wipe out humans in the face of the planet.

SuperIrishman in Kilt. I heard that since Irishmen don't wear anything beneath their kilts, Superman will also wear nothing underneath his to live up to Irish tradition. They are also considering arming him with a bagpipe.

Superman in Japanese high school girl uniform. This study is targeted toward the middle to older aged men who apparently weren't convinced that Superman can make them stand up in attention.

Here are other studies the producers are considering:



And this one's my favorite:

Winnie the SuPoohperman. Yup. Complete with the hanging baby tee and nothing underneath but yellow fur. He's armed with radioactive honey inside an indestructible jar and Piglet who'll bite off anything hanging under the enemy's belt.

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Mamu said...


this is so funny! but see, whatever superman wears(or brandon for that matter), he still has the face that can launch a thousand ooohs and aaahs.