Friday, July 14, 2006

Quickly Heaven

I first discovered Quickly around six years ago when an old officemate kept building it up. That was during the time when there was a boom in pearl shakes and she was saying that the Quickly taro drink was much better. I was curious so I tried it. I never forgot how it tasted. It was super. Fast-forward to today. When I all but put my thoughts of Quickly in my subconscious, my brother asks me if I've tried the taro shake of Quickly in Food Choices in Glorietta 4. Of course I trooped there the soonest and I was in Quickly heaven once again.
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It is strange why so good a product almost has no market presence here in the Philippines.

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MrDJ said...

Hey there! I saw that you linked me up in your blog! Thanks! I'll link you up soon when i finish my new template. Do check my blog for mp3s, at mga kagaguhan (as always) and how i rant about my work!