Monday, September 05, 2005

Love Doctor (Manghihilot ng Puso)

I don’t know what to think when new friends ask me for advice about their love life. Do I have the makings of Joe D’Mango? And here’s the thing. Most of these people don’t know me personally. I feel like a magnet for anonymous closet gays in need of friends to confide in! And I used to think that I’m the least approachable person I know. This guy below, I met him a few months ago. We both were looking for some “fun” but as luck (or unluck if there’s such a thing) would have it, we ended up being friends. Now he’s been fretting over how this guy he really digs shrugs him off. Read on to find out what I said about his situation.

Jonathan: Bad trip ako. Remember yung kwento ko sayo na ka text ko na na in-love ako at friends lang daw kami?

Ako: Oo. Bakit ano nangyari?

Jonathan: Umiiwas na kasi ako to forget the feelings I have for him. Nagtext kasi kanina. Bakit daw hindi na ako nagtetext. Sinagot ko siya. Sabi ko kapag ako nagtetext hindi ka sumagsagot. Pag di me text, sinasabihan mo ko na di nagtetext. Di ba ang hirap? Di ko na alam kung saan ako lulugar. Nakakabad-trip di ba? Ano gagawin ko? Napakamanhid nya.

Ako: Haay, ganito yan. If you think he is worth all the heartaches, by all means do what he wants you to do. Be there when he needs you. Disappear if he doesn’t. But if you think you deserve better, then it’s about time you do everything necessary to move on. Mahirap parehong gawin pero kelangan. Wag masyadong mabad trip. Tumutok sa ibang mga bagay na makapagpapabuti o makapagpapasaya sayo. Lilipas din yan.

Jonathan: How would you know if he’s worth the pain? Any sign?

Ako: Only you can tell if he’s worth it. But it’s not about him really. It’s about you. Does loving him make you happy or miserable? Does it make you a better person? Do you smile or cry when you think of him? Would you be happier with or without him? Ask yourself these practical questions to help you make your decision. Keep this in mind. Love doesn’t have to hurt all the time. It should nourish, not destroy. It should build, not demolish.

Jonathan: Thanks sa advise ha. Gagawin ko mga sinabi mo.

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