Monday, August 29, 2005

Top Five in Two

Istorbo talaga ang trabaho sa pagboblog! To make up for my almost two weeks of silence, here are the top five things that happened to me during my days of toil and trouble:
1. I met this really awesome guy who I fondly call Botchok. He’s got to be the most thoughtful, caring, and generous person in the world. I hope we become really good friends. I just wish he feels the same way sans the things that he bugs me about every now and then (You know what I’m talking about big boy.).
2. I won another aerohiphop competition. I brought home a bag of Nova chips as prize. The misfortune is that my gym buddies gave me a new nickname because of that. They now call me SuperNova.
3. I bought myself a new iPod. I’ve been wanting to get a replacement for the one I lost two months ago. I got myself a 20G iPod photo. Neat. I named him juOn. He’s my new baby. He and I are now inseparable.
4. I was able to IRF 6 preschool textbooks. This explains why I have been scarce in aerohiphop classes in the last two weeks. I had to sacrifice some pleasure for work.
5. I finally got the time two Sundays ago to visit my grandmother in Bulacan. I wanted to be there because it was her birthday and it’s been a while since my last visit.
(Note: This list is not in any order of significance. I wrote them in the order that my brain cells filed them.)

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