Monday, August 15, 2005

Ang Tipo Kong Lalake

So what’s my type of guy? I know gym rats like me tend to be narcissistic—we get attracted to people of the same kind, i.e., the gym fit ones to other greek god-like men. But even before I started going to the gym, I’ve always been attracted to good-looking hunky men! Who wouldn’t? However, if you look at the scores (huh!) of men I’ve gone out with, very few of them fit my so-called idea of a perfect mate. Kaya ano nga ba ang tipo kong lalake? I don’t know the answer to that now. I can’t say no to good-looking gym-buff men but judging from the history of my love life (or sex-life for that matter), nothing’s better than the tender loving care of a sensitive and faithful man, regardless of how that man looks. Of course it would be like winning a lottery if I get both. But what are the chances? What I’m saying is that I don’t have an ideal man anymore. I’ve learned that the ideal man could be somebody. It could be your text mate who brought back the kilig in your life. Or the friend who starts noticing how your eyes sparkle. It could be that gym buddy who volunteers to spot you everyday. Or maybe that FX passenger you sat beside with this morning. It could be anybody. All you have to do is open your eyes and your heart. Be receptive. Do not hold back. Just you wait. He’ll come.

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Pinoy Traveler said...

Quite a good revelation you got there! And quite a good realization you readers (me at least!) get from what you said!

Hmm, come to think of it, I too who am not a gym-fan (have not tried it yet - even if the two building where my company hold office have a gym each!) also like gym-fit guys! But just as well, I also go for one of the guards in my condo or many other "types" of guys - count in... a well endowed and clean taxi driver and a son of a "prominent-well-bred-bastard in dasma"! Gosh!

Thanks for that post, it started me thinking... or recalling my escapades... should I say!