Friday, August 05, 2005

Pangkama ba Ako o Panrelasyon?

I’m taking a poll of how I strike people based on how I look. The inspiration to this strange idea was a slice of conversation I had with a friend a couple of nights over dinner. We were talking about a lot of things when our conversation led to blogging. He told me about this blog he found in his friend network. One of the more interesting things he read in that blog was an article where the guy wrote about a conversation he overheard in his office: the topic of guys being pangkama or panrelasyon. I’m seeking out that particular blog myself because it seems like a good read. So this idea came to me. I thought it would be fun (translation: a total ego booster) and disappointing (translation: a bubble burster) at the same time. Initially, I floated the topic to a few friends in the office but I thought they are not the perfect specimen for this experiment since they know me personally. What I want are raw impressions. These I will get only from people who do not know me. Kaya ano sa tingin nyo? Pangkama ba ako o panrelasyon? I’m excited to find out the results.

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