Monday, April 09, 2007

Queen Bee

My good friend from high school Karren is gorgeous. She is perhaps one of the best-looking girls in school. She’s smart and sexy and cool. And she’s a bitch. A fact that she denies so vehemently she’d be ready to smack in the face any one who calls her such. See what I mean? But really I love her for all that she is.

Karren has a slight heart problem these days. She tells me she is in love with Mr. Loverboy whom she met almost a year ago in her old job in a bank. The problem is that the guy has not been texting or calling her for almost a month now. Oh no they started out in very good terms. They have been friends for months before they started officially going out. After that, Karren tells me the guy started to act like it was them. He’d give her updates about where he was or what he was doing. He’d check on her several times in the day. He was doing the stuff that boyfriends do to their girl. Well, except for one thing. ☺ And that part Karren wasn’t so excited about. But nevertheless, she liked him a lot to the point that she thinks she loves him already. Her heartache started the day after that fateful date when she started acting more like her bitchy self. She tells me she was not in her best mood during that date. In fact she was cranky. That was why she literally forced that date on him because she wanted to cool her head by spending time with him. It turned out not to be a good move. They ate out. Their order was taking ages to get served. When the waiter finally came, Karren started barking at him. And Mr. Loverboy called her a bitch (Well not exactly. Something like “Why do you have to be such a bitch to him?”) when the waiter left. Then he started giving her a sermon about respecting other people and stuff. In fairness to Karren, she took all of his words to heart. And what does he expect? The girl was having a bad day! Karren never realized that her bigger problem starts the next day until today when he doesn’t text or call her anymore.

When your friend cries on your shoulder, you tell her all the things that will make her feel better. I’m not sure if that’s exactly what I told her. For starters, I told her that I never realize until now that she doesn’t know how bitchy she really is. But that’s what she is and I love her for that among other things. Obviously, Mr. Loverboy doesn’t get that. Well, actually he gets it but he doesn’t want it. I told her that she is not Mr. Loverboy’s ideal woman. I surmise that he probably got shocked the way she treated the waiter. The waiter of course, no matter how lousy his service was, didn’t deserve being treated like trash. And Mr. Loverboy didn’t approve of that act. The essence of the matter is that Mr. Loverboy got turned off by her behavior. That was the single most rationale explanation to his disappearance.

He got turned off just like that? All the good things that she has shown him in the months that they knew each other got invalidated by just one act. She couldn’t believe how that is possible. So I told her about my own story of love gone kapoof in a snap of a finger.

Karren my love, if you are reading this, I understand why you have that nagging urge to check on him, to initiate contacting him again hoping to rekindle what you had before. You can choose to do that but I bet you the odds of him getting back to you are nil. Here’s what I want you to do to win. Pick up the pieces of your broken self, move forward, and don’t look back. He’s just one drone in the beehive. And you are the queen bee.

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