Monday, April 23, 2007

King Geek

I attended a free Mac OS X basic orientation at Power Mac Center this early evening. It is unbelievable how tech geeks these days come in different packages. There are maternal geeks. There are hunk geeks. There was a bunch of expat geeks. There was a Chinese geek. There was even a mother-and-daughter tag team geek. I am the slut geek. Wahahaha

Tech geek you say? Yeah that is a public admission of my tech geekiness. That was a long time coming ah. But what do you expect? When tech bereft friends start calling you in the middle of the night about their hardware and software problems and you don’t mind, and that actually gives you a pleasure comparable only to the big O, you probably don’t know it yet but you’re turning into a tech geek yourself. Nothing to be ashamed of really. Geeks rule the world these days! I'm King Geek in waiting.

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