Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sending My Love

Will you let me tell you that I love you? Can I tell you that I want no one else but you? You don’t have to answer back. You don’t have to do anything. Just let me love you. Just let me take care of you. You must want to know why I’m doing this. I just want to.

You once told me you are not indispensable. And I believe so too. But the concept of indispensability is not for people or things that one values more than anything. You are neither dispensable nor indispensable. You are simply the air that I breathe, the breath that I want to smell in the morning, the touch that I want to feel, the embrace that keeps me warm, the grip that makes me not want to let go. And though present circumstances do not permit me to call you mine, when the time comes that your heart is ready to be loved again by me and me alone, I will be here waiting. But until that day comes, I will be content with sending my love to you from afar.

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