Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Drain or Recharge?

People either drain you or recharge you.
Those who drain you, they are those who frustrate, hurt, benefit from you without giving you anything in return. They are the exes who dumped you and yet continue to demand for your attention. They are the friends who talk and don't listen. They are the officemates who stretch your patience with their simple-mindedness. They are the lovers who don't love you back.
People who recharge you are those whose smiles don't fail to rub off on you. Their touch make you feel better. Their voice soothes your spirit, calms your body. They are the family you share laughters and tears with. They are the strangers who smile at you despite the anonymity. They are the officemates who thoughtfully ask you to have lunch with them so you don't have to eat alone. They are the friends who listen to your rantings about whatever. They are your bosses who give you a day off after crunch time. They are the lovers whose mere presence complete you.
So which are you?

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