Saturday, January 15, 2005

Post-Mortem: Christmas Presentation

I should've written about this right after the aftermath. But then again, it would turn-out bitter and angry perhaps. But now that I think I have healed already, I'd probably give you a clearer picture of what happened that fateful day of the company get-together.

Well I told you how I fussed over my department's presentation. The preparations all went well. We were so ready logistically and emotionally. I was in high spirits that day. It was the day we'd show them who it was to beat when it comes to pompous display of creativity and talent. But it bombed.

Everyone felt good while we were changing. I could sense nobody's nervous. At least no one seemed nervous. When it was time to go out, my adrenaline reached its height. I was doting on everyone to give their best. We were called. We were on stage. And then it happened. We couldn't hear anything. That was crucial. Our acting relied heavily on the audio. It was downhill from there. It went that way for some 5 minutes I think. The actors were guessing what they're supposed to do. I even made the mistook of cueing two actors to go on stage when in fact it was another actor and my scene that's supposed to be on. That was a bummer. The whole thing was. And then what I feared most while we were preparing happened---the curtain fell, literally.

We were going nowhere but near disaster. Our managers had no other choice but to cut the performance altogether. There was no way we could hack it, what with the faulty audio and all. I couldn't help but cry. It was painful, especially since we devoted so much time and energy to it. All of it was for nothing.

Well not really. The experience was very humbling. I must admit I thought myself great,and that we were unbeatable in these territories. The thing is, even if we were, things will not always turn out good. And there will always be others better than we were, maybe not in terms of talent or creativity, but in terms of circumstance or logistics or whatever. The best performance I saw that day was not even close to what I imagined a good performance should be. They didn't have elaborate costumes or magnificent choreographies. Their concept was even a rip off. But they were prepared. They were organized. They had the equipment. they were in control. I guess next time we should concentrate on these things as well. Til next year.

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