Saturday, July 10, 2004

The Weekend Exploit: Uncut Version (a repost from my eBloggy)

It's Monday and I'm supposed to feel refreshed and recharged but for some reason, I feel more tired than I did last Friday. It's not that I do not know why. hahahahahahaha

It must've been because of the weather. I felt freakin horny yesterday so I went to this place where I was damn sure i'd get laid. So I was doin the rounds when I bumped into this guy. He was around 5'9 tall and a bit skinny. He was lanky. The first time i saw him I thought he was too effeminate for me. It must've been because he walked like he was strutting the ramp or something. Well it didn't take me long to find out he was more than the man that i was hoping for.

I wouldn't give you the details of what we did but i'd tell you one thing. He was uncut. hehehehehe I've always wanted to be with a guy who was uncut. It wasn't the first time i saw one but it was the first time i saw one on a Filipino. The first uncut appendage i saw was that of a freakin blonde hottie who unfortunately was a lot older than i am. Still yummy though, but old just the same. This guy I was with yesterday, i found out, was 22 years old and works at a Chowking outlet near where I live. It was funny cause before we got into each other's pants, i had to ask if he was a cb. I just wanted to be sure cause I didn't have money then. :-) And it's not my style to pay for sex.

I thought he had a puny member the first time i glanced at it. I found out he hadn't had all of it out yet. It was shameful I couldn't keep smiling when i realized he was uncut... and huge. The more shameful part was when I asked for his number after we were done. I don't usually give out or ask for my one-timer's numbers. But I couldn't just let him leave without being certian we'd do it again. hehehehehehe. He got me hooked.

No I haven't fallen for him. I don't even know him. But he was pretty nice. He even volunteered to keep me company while i did my grocery after. The thing is, it's pretty clear to me that that was just that. Sex. I'd do it again with him. But i don't think i'd fall in love with him. I'm more practical now than emotional. And I know how to distinguish lust from love.

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