Friday, July 16, 2004

Beauty Queens

Being a Beauty Queen is a way of life. That quote I got that from Melanie Marquez in one of her guestings in a talk show here in the Philippines. So what in the hell was I thinking quoting her on my blog? Nothing. Like other Filipinos, I'm fascinated with Beauty Queens and Beauty Pageants in general. I remember when my siblings and I were younger, we'd play pretend. Playing Beauty Queen was one of our favorite role-playing games (next to playing Fairies and Queens). We'd don our cape (bed sheets, one end tied around our necks), wear our crowns (cardboard cutouts adorned with glitters and collored paper), and hold our scepters (barbecue stick, although there was one time i used a TV antenna) while we promenade around the room, waving at the imaginary audience. Of course, being the eldest, I'd be Ms. Universe. My younger brother would be Ms. World and my sister would be Ms. International. That young, we already had an idea of the hierarchy of beauty pageants. So I'm just wondering if that was how Melanie Marquez's childhood was like. Did she ever, as a child, practice walking like a Beauty Queen? Or hold a make-believe scepter and wear a cardboard crown? Did she practice her smile and her wave in front of the mirror?
If fulfilling dreams is as easy as living it, I would probably be a beauty queen by now. hahahahahaha.

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