Friday, July 16, 2004

Ugly Duckling

Do you believe ugly ducklings always turn into swans? I couldn't speak for other ducklings but the ugly duckling's story is sort of my story too.
I was a cute kid.I had wavy jet-black hair.I have almond-shaped eyes with pupils that are arrestingly dark. My red lips are set off by creamy-white skin. And my smile was ice cream topped with the sweetest cherries of dimples. But I overate so I grew fat.
I don't know what direct effect it had on my complexion, but all the weight made me look darker. Uh. I looked ugly. And I had to bear with that the whole of high school and the early part of college. I didn't mind it then really. Although my Mother's been telling me to lose weight not because she was bothered by how I look but more because she was concerned of my health. I was heaviest at 180 lbs at 5'3. I started to really think about it when it became difficult for me to buy clothes my size. There was a time I had to go to the tailors for my jeans! My waistline then was 40 inches. Well, I could buy jeans with a forty-inch waistline but they are either too long(since they were made for taller guys) or to wide on the thighs(they balloon on the thighs).

So that's when I started taking actions. Drastic actions. I started dieting. There was a time I only ate bananas. I made it a point to only eat one full meal a day. And I exercised. I was so surprised that it worked. I lost the weight.
I feel a sense of accomplishment whenever I tell my friends how I did it. I don't fail to arouse amazement and disbelief whenever I show them my old pictures. They couldn't believe that the guy in the picture is me.
Wait. You might think I turned out really gorgeous after losing all the weight. I think I look fine. But more than that, losing the weight made me feel better about myself. I became more confident. I think confidence will make anyone look and feel better. And I also get to wear the clothes that I like.

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