Thursday, November 01, 2007

A New Mac for My Mac!

I didn't think excitement over a new OS would keep me up so late at night because of anticipation. The last time I stayed up very late was months ago when somebody was installing hardware in my slot. hahahahaha

I got hold of my copy of the new Mac OS X 10.5, more popularly known as Leopard, Tuesday lunch time (Thanks Mudz and Neil!). I got around to starting the install only when I got home. Before I started, I had to consult with Mudz and Neil since they installed theirs earlier. Apparently, Neil experienced the blue screen of death during his install so he had to do a clean one instead of just upgrading. I had to get over that initial apprehension before I slotted the disk in my port. Thankfully, aside from minimal hitches, the install went pretty well. Ang bilis! Ginabi lang ako dahil pagkatapos ng installation, I couldn't help exploring it. Galeng!

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