Monday, March 12, 2007

Double Caramel Dipped Apples from SanFo Treats

If you love apples and caramel, you’ll love this. I did. I am first of all a big fan of anything caramel. So when I saw the SanFo Treats kiosk right in front of Toy Kingdom in Megamall last week, I swore I’d sample everything caramel (and chocolate) covered apple they have there. Yesterday I started with the double caramel dipped apple, which according to the sales lady, is their best seller. I wasn’t disappointed. The sweet crunchy apple was covered with a thick layer of soft candy caramel. Delicious. A word of warning though if you’re wearing dentures: the caramel is a little gummy so it sticks to the mouth. That could make eating this treat a little trickier for you. Other than that, it’s pure heaven.

Aside from caramel and chocolate covered apples, SanFo Treats also has rice crispy cups; frozen bananas covered in chocolate, peanuts, sprinkles, and white choco swirls; chocolate covered marshmallows, and caramel smores poppers.
You can find SanFo Treats in Megamall, Glorietta (in front of tag Heuer), and The Fun Ranch (beside Tiendesitas).


R*Y A N said...

somewhere in that sugary-overload is a piece of fruit... i think.

Teddycapz said...

Last June 23, SanFo Treats owner Rochelle Santiago a.k.a. Mrs. Gerald Javier (they just got married last April thus the business is still under her maiden name) and staff provided a truly splendid dessert corner for my youngest son's seventh birthday celebration - with candy sprinkled caramel apples using Granny Smiths, Belgian chocolate fountain with an extensive array of dipping goodies, Hawaiian snowcone station with three flavors, apple bobbing games and all. This lavish spread really helped to make the event extra memorable, and my wife and I got a lot of raves from guests for it.

Who would have thought I'd end up as a most satisfied customer of SanFo Treats after a rather unpleasant first encounter with one of their Glorietta store staff (now relieved, I've been told). Perhaps because I was level-headed enough to give them the benefit of the doubt and there's no regrets whatsoever that I did? Take note: the operative term here is BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT.

To Rochelle: as I've mentioned in our last talk, a good product coupled with great service will speak for itself. Just stay unpertubed by the entry of other players in your field - remember, imitation is the best form of flattery. Plus the competition will work to your advantage by giving your product concept more exposure to your target market. Don't worry about the smear campaign - just do your usual best and let God do the rest.

Besides, you have us your truly satisfied customers to keep them propaganda ghouls at bay, hehe...

sweettooth said...

Sanfo Treats has a new Dessert Bar/Cafe in Ermita!!

Stop by and enjoy their yummy SF tea cakes. They have about 6 different flavors like Bailey's Irish Creme, Rose, Lavender.

The Dessert Bar is delightfully decorated with SF memorabilia and they also serve gourmet coffee/tea or their very own Bay Area Sizzler.

It is definitely worth checking out!!